Comes a time in every ones life when he or she should give a beer.
If you lost a bet, you had a great success or it’s you birthday beer is the answer.

What is

Hello there, is a platform where you can make a donation profile,
like (yea, it’s taken) and send it to people so they can give you beer via PayPal.

How it works?

You just enter your username and a PayPal asociated email adress and click GO!
In seconds you will have your account to share with friends to ask for beer/beer money

The money will go directly in your PayPal account.

Pint / Six Pack / Keg you name it

Your friends and you can donate 3 types of beer: pint of beer: $3, six-pack: $10 and a Keg: $30

Privacy Policy

Your mail will not be used for spam and other evil stuff.


Donations / insults / beer / cheers / ideas etc. are welcome by dropping
a mail at necenzurat at gmail dot com & djtisho at gmail dot com


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