Wunder360 S1: FIRST 3D Scanning & 360 AI Camera

A multifunctional 360° camera that you can use to create 3D models, all from the palm of your hand. •Capturing 360 videos with in-camera stitching, no extra post-production software is needed; •Easy 3D scanning, enables the ability to create in 3D for everyone; •AI-powered smart tracking, locks on your favorite view; •Super smooth stabilization, say goodbye to shaky shots; •Compact, lightweight and portable, pop the S1 in your pocket; •With 100ft waterproof case, S1 works with you anywhere;



The S1 is the latest in the series of powerful Wunder360 cameras. The 360 camera is AI-powered, and able to scan using photo and video to create 3D models out of your images. These 3D models can then be used in gaming platforms such as Minecraft, whilst its impressive AI features also make it a powerful camera that will help you create great quality photos and videos.

Besides that, we also provide an all-in one powerful cloud service platform to help the user enjoy the experience of creating and sharing 3D content.The cloud service includes these features:



Enable the ability to create in 3D for everyone

It’s hard to believe that mono photos once dominated for about 100 years, just as that flat 2D images are now the norm.
Start capturing the world in 3D with Wunder360 S1, and be the first ones using and sharing this new content format from the future.
Forget the heavy and expensive 3D reconstruction devices, Wunder360 S1 enables the ability to create in 3D for everyone.Wunder360 S1 allows you to easily create 3D models. All you’d need to do is shoot a photo or video around the target you’d like to scan and then export it.

1NssPC.gif Indoor 3D scanning

1NrgbT.gif Outdoor 3D scanning

1NsM2T.gif Experience your memories in 3D by AR headset


Cloud service lets you re-create and share memories in 3D

By uploading your 360-degree photos and videos to the Wunder360 cloud service, high-density 3D models will be automatically generated by the cutting-edge intelligent algorithms. The universally formatted 3D models are available for sharing via mainstream software, web players, and communities while being able to be imported to your favorite Minecraft scenes. Furthermore, the models can be used as virtual reality tour guides.

1NsAbW.gif Convert your adventure into Minecraft


Preserve your underwater memories

Underwater explorer? Make sure those precious moments don’t disappear by capturing them in 360° splendour for all to see. Our customized waterproof case fits the S1 perfectly, providing IP68 resistance up to 100ft underwater, and we’ve crafted the lens and coating of the case carefully to produce the best quality images.

Waterproof cases will be included in all the perks.


Say goodbye to shaky shots

Say goodbye to shaky shots and hello to smooth and stable images with no gimbal required! The S1 uses Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) to ensure that no matter how much the camera jerks, your images stay stable, sharp and in focus.


The built-in EIS algorithm creates highly stabilized and sharp videos from the raw footage taken by the Wunder360 S1.


Keep tracking the important subject in every frame

With the CNN (convolutional neural network) deep learning framework, our system can recognize the main subjects in the videos. The AI model is developed to simulate human habits and continuously keep tracking the important subject in every frame.


Keep your target at the center of the frame with our AI smart tracking functionality. Touch the screen to focus on the object you want to track and let the camera do the rest.


Real-time in-camera stitching 360 photo & video

1NtSKF.jpgWunder360 S1 is capable of taking 3k resolution 30fps videos/1080P 60fps videos and 4k resolution photos with innovative on-board stitching technology implemented on the CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision DSP.No extra post-production software is needed – this nifty little gadget performs actions such as stitching two fish eye images together with just the click of a button.



Phantom clipper helps you create multiplicity video easily

The Phantom Clipper allows users to capture every part of a motion in 360. Ideal for athletes, dancers and others with an active lifestyle who want to analyze their performance. The technology, based on real-time moving target recognition and segmentation, allows users to create amazing multiplicity video with just a signal touch.


How to use it:


Use the S1 as a security camera, with no spots missed


Connect the camera to  your house Wi-Fi hot spot and open the Wunder360 app, then your smartphone becomes a window for high-resolution streaming of what Wunder360 S1 sees in real-time.

The 360° in-camera stitched video provides a panoramic view, spanning from your driveway to the front door—with no spots missed—making it ideal for catching people walking past or towards your home.


Born to work with you anywhere

At less than 100g and only 74*50*35 mm, Wunder360 S1 is the world’s most compact 3D scanner and 360 camera, you could pop it in your pocket and take it anywhere.

The S1 is also designed for explorers, with a waterproof case and 1/4 inch standard socket for attaching most of the mounting accessories such as the selfie stick and helmet. It is a camera which was born to work with you anywhere.


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